How to enter


Who can enter?

Online Business Awards are open to any UK business or business division with an online presence, no matter how large or small the scale of operation, as well as the practices, agencies, marketing services providers and individuals who work for them. 

Practices and agencies are welcome to submit entries on behalf of their clients. Companies, practices, agencies or individuals may submit entries on behalf of themselves or others and may enter any number of categories. Different projects from the same business can be entered into different categories but each submission should be tailored to fit the category into which it is being entered. Companies based outside the UK can also enter, provided they have a subsidiary company operating in the UK.

If entries are duplicated by accident or in error, entries will have to be processed before a decision about their duplication can be made. Regrettably, any duplicated entry fee will be forfeited. 

Six steps to successful entry

1. Decide on the categories you wish to enter.

2. Prepare your written submissions offline, including any embedded thumbnail visuals and URL links to video files

3. Complete the online entry form fully including the important 100-word summary of your entry

4. Upload your written submission online, when asked

5. Upload your company/brand logo and one good high resolution image to support your entry, when asked

6. Submit your completed entry no later than November 30 and pay the entry fee.

All entry forms are completed online – a submission paper must be prepared offline then uploaded to the Online Business Awards website. The guide template of headings and suggested content for the written submission can be found on the Useful Advice page, along with other helpful information.

Eligibility: Activity described in the entry must have taken place between January 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019 – an eighteen-month eligibility period.

The extended closing date for entries is November 30, but please remember, projects, products or campaigns must have been supplied, launched, installed or broadcast before midnight on October 31, 2019 to be eligible. Test projects will not be accepted.


Except where indicated, submissions for the 2019 Awards should relate to the period January 1, 2018 – October 31, 2019. An entry must have been open for buyers to access until midnight on October 31, 2019. Reference may be made in a submission to prior projects or campaigns, if it helps the judges to view the activity in context, but entries will not be judged on past glories.

The organisers reserve the right to retain entries for subsequent publication, both on- and offline in ways that enhance the standing of entrants, supporting partners and the Online Business Awards themselves. Descriptions of submissions from winners and runners-up will be published in connection with the Awards. Entrants may mark certain sensitive parts of their entry ‘not for publication’ (such as exact data, etc.), provided such restrictions are not used unreasonably.




Please refer to the entry fees page for full information on fees and payment.


Time is always precious and sometimes writing an entry submission is one of those jobs put off until the last moment. For a helping hand to write your awards entries contact:

Boost Awards (UK & International)

Please note that Boost Awards is the world’s first and largest award entry consultancy. It is a completely independent company that specialises in preparing Awards’ submissions. There is no financial relationship between the Online Business Awards and Boost Awards. The advice you receive from Boost is confidential.


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